Rockwood Pop Top Campers -

Luxury of a caravan with the towing characteristics of a trailer

The Ultralite range of Caravans is our most popular series of Caravans.  Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have been put into all of our caravans.  The fully equiped kitchens and comfortable dinettes and convenient exterior storage are just a couple of natable features.


All of the Rockwood Caravans are manufactured in the United States to our Specifciations.  A few of these specification changes from Standard include:

New Zealand Electrical Cabling

New Zealand Compliant Gas Appliances

Galvanised Chassis

Full size 240 Volt refrigerator and freezer

240 Volt Air Conditioning




2703 Triple Slide

​​31'11" long including drawbar

2904SS With Twin Lazyboys

33'8" long including drawbar​​

2905 SS Bunkhouse

33'8" long including drawbar​​

Sun Marketing Ltd

Rockwood Caravans and Fifth Wheelers

Manufactured Specifically for New Zealand Conditions and Regulations


Sun Marketing